Double Down

It was a rocky December. Not rocky compared to say, Roy Moore or Matt Lauer’s Decembers, (poor fellas, huh?) but still, not without challenges. One night I realized there was nothing – NOTHING – for it but homemade macaroni and cheese.

I won’t tell you again how to make it, I won’t belabor my opinion about two cheeses, (I vote sharp cheddar and Gouda) and I won’t elucidate – for the 1000th time – the charms of this simple, rich, comforting dish.* I will just say it got me through a trying weekend, and I don’t regret the illicit hours spent in its company. Yes, my husband was away, and no, that’s no excuse. I am much too deep into middle life to give in to such a creamy dish, and I know that propriety and the precariousness of anyone’s BMI after age 45, decrees that I never partake. Nevertheless I did, and I learned something from the adventure: it’s even better with macadamia nuts on it. Mac with mac.

This reminds me of when I learned about croissant bread pudding. Ina Garten, that butter-flogging minx, enlightened me. You thought bread pudding was the apex of yumminess, that it couldn’t be improved upon. Make it with croissants and you will wonder how you ever led such an empty, ignorant existence.

If the winter is testing the limits of your tolerance for dark, for wet, for inept government and incivility at every turn, then Eaters I urge you to double your mac and double your cheese. Someday it will be spring, but for now, grab a spoon.


*See “Antarctic Mac and Cheese”



One thought on “Double Down

  1. I love Mac and Cheese (especially the one my mom made). Kids need the calories of Mac and Cheese, parents need the comfort it offers. None-the-less, I’m confused by the “gourmet” Mac and Cheeses popping up on restaurant menus.

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