You too, can make salad! (Or just watch me make it)

My friend Jessica urged me to use facebook, and my cooking site, to promote the cooking classes I teach at Bayview School of Cooking. Once again, I have been wise to surround myself with people much savvier than I am.

I will be teaching a winter salads class on February 1. It’s going to be splendid: mango-black rice salad, butter lettuce, persimmon and macadamia nut salad, a pan-Asian crunch bowl and the oddball, (but popular) celery root and apple salad. The school does not have an online sign-up, or I would include the link. The class includes a wine pairing, so you can relax while I cook, like my children do (but with wine).

I was scheduled to teach a holiday desserts class on December 5, but it was cancelled due to low enrollment. Eaters, this won’t due! Here are links to posts on some of my favorite holiday desserts that I was going to make in the class. These include: pomegranate gelato, apple latkes, cranberry-lime pie, and the pumpkin tiramisu which is not my favorite but is a consistent party pleaser.

Bayview School of Cooking class schedule

Hope to see you in February! In the mean time, dare me to use this bundt pan?

Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah!








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