It has taken me this long to write about what should be one of the seven wonders of Canada, Purebread bakery in Whistler. The Montreal bagel was shortlisted, so don’t scoff. Okay, maybe the Northern Lights do deserve a place on the list, but this bakery, Easters! If you have to hitchhike, if you have to drag yourself across the border by your lips, get to this bakery.*

Twice this year, (the first time at Nuvrie in Portland) I have eaten baked goods so transcendently (even transcendentally) scrumptious, I wished I were a musician (quite a good one, too) so I could dispense with all the wordsmithing and just compose a symphony. Both these confections contained bananas, and I am as surprised as you are about that. All I know is I longed, not for the first time, to be Beethoven – when he wasn’t cranky – so I could immortalize my beloved.


I was standing here, taking a picture and agonizing, torn between two brownies, when the charming Irish lass behind the pastry case said, “Do you like banoffee pie? Because the carmelized banana brownies taste like banoffee pie.” I beheld her fresh, freckled face and thought, this country is full of beautiful people who ask fascinating questions. I go weeks, whole weeks, in the states with no one inquiring whether I like banoffee pie. “I love it,” I said, and she handed me the brownie. In truth, I had never eaten banoffee pie, just like I have never sat in a geothermal pool in Iceland while wild ponies caper about; but the pie and the pool, both I love without limits.

So, a word of caution, Eaters, because nothing is free. Earthly indulgences of this magnitude could give you a body like mine. I don’t have a bad figure, it’s not that. But it’s a physique that says, “I try, unless I don’t want to.” Or maybe it says, “I try to try.” So just go easy. As you can see from this picture of me in one of my favorite places, (I don’t spend all my time in bakeries) sometimes I can’t even be bothered to tense up my abdomen enough to look like I have ever tried.

North Fork, Skokomish River

There are a variety of ways to make banoffee pie, which is a heaven-sent amalgamation of bananas, whipped cream, toffee/caramel, coffee (hopefully) and buttery crust. Like tiramisu, it’s a very more-is-more dessert. For some reason this sweet sensation has not penetrated American culture, but remains a treasure of the English. Jamie Oliver, also a treasure of the English, has a recipe that is criminally easy, (I hope so anyway, since I am making it tomorrow for my parents) especially if you go for not only a purchased crust, but purchased caramel. I want to try making my own caramel, now that the burns from my last attempt have healed and I was given a reluctant okay from my doctor. Make this, please, but as far as eating goes, pace yourself.

Cheat’s Banoffee Pie from Jamie Oliver’s Meals in Minutes

1/4 heaping cup sugar (preferably superfine)
4 ripe bananas
7 tablespoons 2% milk
9″ ready to serve shortbread pie shell
1 1/4 cups heavy cream
1 tablespoon camp coffee (I use decaffeinated instant espresso powder)
4 ounce bar dark chocolate

Put a medium frying pan with 1/4 heaping cup sugar in it on high heat. Shake the pan to spread it around. Let it melt while you peel two bananas and blitz them with 7 tablespoons of milk in a blender until you have a smoothie consistency. Carefully tilt the frying pan to help disolve all the sugar. Once bubbling and golden, pour in the banana mixture. Do not touch anything in the pan – caramel is hot and can burn badly. Keep stirring constantly, so it doesn’t catch, for 1 to 2 minutes, until dark and golden, then pour into the pie shell. Spoon and spread it around evenly, then carefully slide the pie shell onto a platter and put it into the freezer to cool down for a few minutes.

In a large bowl, whip the heavy cream until fairly thick. Lightly fold through a tablespoon of coffee. Peel and thinly slice 2 remaining bananas at an angel. Get your filled base out of the freezer and top with slices of banana. Spread the cream on top of the pie. Scrape over a little dark chocolate, using a vegetable peeler to create shaving curls, and pop back into the freezer for a few minutes. Take out and serve.


* There’s a Purebred in Vancouver too, which is convenient because then you can make a side trip to True Confections for English trifle that will make you not just compose, but perform an entire opera in full costume. I don’t spend all my time eating desserts, I just have a superb memory for the ones I do eat. This is what will remain with me as I lose facts like how to spell “physique.” The letters “ph” can be used to make the “f” sound. Who knew? I used to.

Okay, that’s kind of pretty, I guess.

2 thoughts on “Purebread

  1. Thanks for the Banofee pie recipe. Alex will adore me if I make it for him, he’s a fan of banana anything. I much prefer chocolate.

    1. I hope he loves it. Just a tip, make the caramelized banana yourself. It would be hard to do the mixture with store bought caramel. it was easier homemade! Happy Baking (well, Happy Assembling!).

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