Cookies for Climbers

Tomorrow, June 18th, I have the privilege of providing treats to the Climb Out of the Darkness event in Marathon Park. Though I initially considered naming my shortbread cookies for female supreme court justices, I decided the day already had sufficient gravitas. Besides, they would have been monochromatic. I opted for these ladies; see anyone you recognize?


Yes, it’s Ginger, Mary Ann and Mrs. Howell.* I am hoping for fair weather tomorrow so my canopy and charming little muffin papers don’t go flying off, scattering cookies to the wind. But the women who hold this cause closest to their hearts have weathered a few storms. And so, onward!

Basic Shortbread Recipe
Ginger Shortbread Recipe


*My attempt at a gluten-free “Skipper in Drag” variety was a shipwreck.


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