You’re the Only Reason, I Keep on Coming Home

I said I would return to the topic of buckeye bundt cake, and where cake is concerned, I can’t afford to make empty promises.

What can I say of the blessed confluence of peanut butter and chocolate that hasn’t been a thousand times uttered? After 45 years of eating, I still consider peanut butter to be the nectar of the Gods. Apparently, it’s the nectar of mortals as well, because it was gobbled up between giggles by the attenders at my daughter’s birthday party.

The Minecraft cake is clearly vanilla cherry chip.
Minecraft’s cake is clearly vanilla cherry chip.

My birthday girl occasionally likes an absorbing game of Minecraft. In this game, you can set a cake below a tree, and when you virtually come back later, the tree is virtually fruited out with cakes. Yes friends, the virtual world is indeed far superior to our own paltry one. If I had such a tree – and I can only hope to find one on my next trip to Olympia’s Bark and Garden Center – I would want it to grow Buckeye Bundts. Since buckeyes are a chestnut that grows on trees anyway, the bundt version doesn’t seem that far fetched.

But no! I need to back away slowly and cautiously from this fantasy because there are certain foods (halvah, cashew butter, maple old-fashioned doughnuts) around which I have no boundaries and no impulse control. I wrote previously about my unwillingness to remain friends with people who make buckeyes. I stand firm on this point, (I do! I will! I want to!) and will now extend it to those who make buckeye bundt cake. I spent the two days following the birthday party never straying far from the cake plate, and even, at moments, talking to the cake about my problems. When I broke into a soulful rendition of Amos Lea’s “Sweet Pea” while gazing into it’s peanut-buttery eye, I knew it was time to send the remainder to work with my husband.

My SIL posted this fun video from Tip Hero on her Facebook page, along with the BBC recipe (this cake will someday be as big and well-known as the other BBC). I used milk in place of water, but didn’t make any other amendments.  I made it with my daughter, which seemed fitting, since I always asked for a cake in this shape for my childhood birthdays. I know all this talk of birthdays has you wondering what to get me this year. So here: check out these bundt pans.







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