Cookies Again!

thEH0EFWFCRecently, I tried to make my family a batch of cinnamon rolls that would cause a veil to lift and reveal how blessed they are to have me. I don’t have much experience using yeast, and the coils of ominous jerky that resulted were dubbed Dwarf Bread by my husband. He actually ate it – I think he savored the challenge – but he pronounced it better suited to weaponry than breakfast. Yes well, “It stays with you,” I told him, grimly. The children, unconvinced, reached for toast.

I probably need to play to my strengths. I have, at last count, two strengths: one of them is chocolate chip cookies. I know Eaters, I have yanked this chain previously, but hark! Listen! It’s National Chocolate Chip Cookie Week! So how can I not bake CCC? HOW?!

th59DKZ2FNMy friend Kirstin came over for a walk a couple days ago, but needles of freezing rain descended as the sky appeared to be building toward a tornado, so we opted to have tea while I made cookies. As I have mentioned, I am a devotee of King Arthur Flour products and recipes. This cookie recipe has replaced (!!!) my Yummy and Tempting cookies. The inclusion of honey and espresso powder makes for a toffee-like flavor, that will have you baking these every week until you are too aged and infirm to press buttons on your Cuisinart.

If you just started dating someone, serve them these and prepare yourself for a proposal, or at least to be named the beneficiary on their life insurance. But beware, here’s what marriage gets you: a text on March 14 that reads, “It’s National Pi Day! Where’s my pi(e)?” Advice? Keep your spouse in ignorance of days of culinary special observance.*

These Soft Chocolate Chip Cookies are easy to make, especially with the aid of a cookie scoop. Whoever invented cookie scoops is the Johannes Gutenberg of baking. You can hand-mold each cookie, slaving away in monklike fashion by a guttering candle until you perish from repetition, or you can employ a handy tool that will let you whistle while you work, just like those cheerful dwarves.

Cooks Note: I made so many changes to this recipe, but only with regard to amounts. I halved both sugars and the resulting cookies were more crumbly than soft, I admit it. My friend Susie, a blogger and flavor scientist, informed me that sugar adds moisture to recipes: I had no idea. I fancy myself a flavor scientist but Susie is an actual scientist, not a person like me who just eats a lot. So the reduced sugar changes the texture, but I can’t imagine them sweeter. I used the full amount of honey but (great leaping blood sugar levels!) I did not use the suggested 3 (what?!?) cups of chocolate. I used one half cup. Chopped dark almond bark works so well in this recipe, as do Guittard extra dark (63% cacao) chips.


*It’s also national celery month, but he doesn’t care.



3 thoughts on “Cookies Again!

  1. What? No pie in Marycake’s house for pi day? We were without as well. Next year, I’ll plan to bake a pie and have a math lesson. Thanks for the mention, I love that you “reformulate” and make observations on how the recipe proportion affects the cookie quality. Isn’t it great that making and tasting cookies is considered science?

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