6:45 Pudding

My oldest daughter got braces last week. I know! I was shocked too, since she was JUST A BABY FIVE MINUTES AGO. But they tell me she’s 13 now, with a mouthful of wayward teeth, so there you are. She was in agony for several days post wiring, and applesauce gets dull quickly. It didn’t take long for her to call plaintively for chocolate pudding. Oh. Well. If I must.


Pudding is one of those foods that people claim they don’t like, but that may be because they never had the good stuff. Years ago, as I have mentioned, I took to making pudding with what I can only describe now as a vengeance. I was often to be found stirring, stirring my troubles away at the hot stove and then spooning, spooning it into my mouth. Having small children is hard work! As with getting braces, you feel like something is constantly poking you. A cup of pudding topped with whipped cream is calming to the troubled mind, and mouth.

This double chocolate version from Everyday Food is a favorite of mine. My 14130_04convalescing daughter described it as “deep and velvety,” and my youngest had this to say: “mousselike, like melted fudge, if you want it lighter, just mix in the whipped cream.” I love these little food critics and their eager, wiry, costly grins. Melted fudge? Sign me up!

When my bebraced offspring was just shy of two years old, I took a three day trip to see my best friend in San Francisco. I made pudding cups, and instructed my husband to give my daughter one at 6:45 pm as I ate mine simultaneously on the airplane. It was known as 6:45 Pudding after that.

14130_03This is good to make when you are missing someone, (like your mommy who has gone on a trip for some therapeutic vintage shopping) when your children are making you tired, or when you just had your face turned into a circuit board because you were once someone’s baby and now you are a teenager and-that-someone-maybe-cries-a-little-when-she-sees-how-grown-up-you-are-in-your-skinny-jeans-going-to-middle-school-dances-and-talking-about-gender-inequality! So proud! Kleenex please!


Cook’s Note:  I think milk/cream, mixed yourself, or purchased as half and half, is best here, along with a reduction of the 2/3 cup of sugar by at least a tablespoon.




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