A Quiche to Build a Dream on

And what is that dream?  It is simply this:  to have the perfect, rustic little meal to feed your company. I have company coming this week, and quiche is a great make-ahead meal that pairs nicely with a salad. I always assume my company will want a salad, since company that spurns salad is not company I keep.

My friend Kirstin informed me that my oft-professed love for egg dishes, is actually a fondness for cream dishes. I learned this the hard way when I made a spaghetti frittata (it’s just what it sounds like) and didn’t use any cream.  It was a leaden affair, and brought little joy to my household. “Cream,” she said, “Use cream.” She’s a fantastic cook and doesn’t shrink from such show (read: heart) stoppers as alfredo sauce, something I gave up when Clinton was president.


Quiche, the queen of the easy egg/cream dish, is versatile; you can put anything you want in it and serve it at any meal.  At this time of year I go around my yard, snipping from assorted greenery, then toss it all in the quiche after I pick out the pine cones. I like chives and parsley, but am not opposed to cilantro, lovage or thinly sliced beans/peas.

My basic quiche recipe  (note that this is a recipe for two quiches) comes from the dearly departed Everyday Food, a fantastic Martha Stewart publication.  This little magazine (how I miss it!) was free of articles and packed with recipes. I am a faithful reader of Bon Appetit but Eaters, it is a lifestyle magazine. It contains articles about not-to-be-missed restaurants in Norway where they seat you on reindeer antlers and serve you foraged grasses on a bed of fjord snow. I won’t be going there, and not just because I won’t get full and the chairs hurt. I am Everyday People; I make Everyday Food. Martha Stewart’s WORST DECISION was to discontinue this delightful little magazine.

I have a well-thumbed stack of them though; this gem is from the March 2008 issue.  This calls for gruyere, but I also like cheddar (any cheese that doesn’t come in a spray can should be fine here). Spinach is nice, but so is asparagus, as in this, my other basic quiche recipe, or simply herbs. And cream.





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