Epic Pie Day; what are you waiting for?


My mother mentioned to me, last week, that I wasn’t living up to my full potential. Thank you, I thought, I’ve been looking for a working title for my autobiography. But that writing project will have to stay on a low simmer 20150308_114918[1]for awhile, since my husband and I are knee-deep in drafting a joint memoir of our life together, entitled, We Didn’t Know What We Were Getting Into (be sure to check out chapter 11: “Why Does Everything Cost $2,000 To Replace?” It’s a tear-jerker).

It’s because of the niggling disappointments, daily deflations and dependable humiliations, that I love to cook and bake (persistent hunger also may play a role). Do a bit of fiddling in the kitchen and POW! you get a little oasis of surprise (not a broken garage door surprise, but a nice surprise) in the midst of your wanderings in the workaday desert.

My daughter has been hankering for a chocolate cream pie and I have put her off (see chapter 3 of autobiography: “Vanity Has Kept me Somewhat Slender”). But I just spent several days cavorting in San Francisco, family-free, plus it’s Epic Pie Day/Weekend! You can’t surpass cream pies for extra-Gilligan’s-Island-specialness. Otherwise, life just becomes a maddeningly dull repeat of chapter 6 (“Why Is Our House Assessed at 50,000$?”). Who needs that all the time?  Bring on the pie and make it epic. Go big, or go (back to your swiftly depreciating) home!

My daughter is taking two gorgeous pies to school tomorrow, (too dark for me to get a photo of the chocolate one but I can vouch for its luscious existence) and she memorized Pi to 30 places past the decimal. Try this smoothdarkcreamydelightful chocolate pie from Bon Appetit and live up to your full Pie-tential!



One thought on “Epic Pie Day; what are you waiting for?

  1. I don’t know anyone who is living up to their full potential, but it sounds like you’re having a lot of fun right where you’re at. BTW, I subscribe to three recipe blogs, and yours is the funniest. You really should work on that memoir!

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