You CAN have it all…

…but you will be bloated.

I am just a few days away from my birthday, and I have to make a choice. I think I will choose Bourbon-Sugar Fudge in leui of a cake, and I just have to make my peace with that. You see, it isn’t just any birthday, it’s my 44th. I am deep into my lite rock years, on the verge of my lite beer years, and at that stage where – like everyone – I awaken with bedface, but then I keep it all day. In case you haven’t heard, 44 is the new 44. It’s not that I miss being 24 – certainly not!  I miss being 34.

The thing about fudge is that it’s so much bang for my buck.  My buck is my time, which as I have indicated, is ticking. Fudge is easy anyway, and this recipe is no different. It was created by William Werner, who is behind the patisserie Craftsman and Wolves, a place I am hoping to find myself sometime in my 45th year, locking eyes with some lavender shortbread.

If I were to have a birthday cake as well (And don’t I deserve that?  Don’t I?) I would choose the marzipan-filled number I made for my friend Kirstin’s birthday (she’s also 44, but has good genes). The other day I went to World Market to get stocking stuffers and they were having a 25% off Marzipan sale. It reminded me of the time I was pregnant and found out about fried cheese; who’s been reading my diary?


But no marzipan-filled anything for me this birthday (okay, I already ate what I bought at the sale). My b-day wish list includes ice-skating lessons (tune in to see my triple-axel at Pyeongchang in 2018!) and also if someone could invent a safe, inexpensive, hand-held facial Zamboni, s/he will receive a free subscription to my blog! Does the fudge not look birthdayish enough?  Don’t despair; I am adding pink salt to the top!  Even Dianne Feinstein melts into a little girly puddle at the sight of pink salt on her birthday treat.

Thank you Eaters, for continuing to read, try recipes and – I hope – relish them.  And thank you to my family and friends for a life filled with love. I can’t have it all, but I have more than enough.

This year I:

 celebrated 15 years of being lucky in love,
celebrated 15 years of being lucky in love,
got me meet Little Edith,
got to meet Little Edith,
Pretending to care about super bowl
pretended to care about the super bowl,
paddled around Ward Lake with Kirstin,
I ate a lot of cranberry salad.
ate a lot of cranberry salad,
My BFF visited.
saw my BFF.
I swam in Arizona.
swam in Arizona,
I saw my oldest friend, Tim, in Spokane and ran the Bloomsday race.
visited my oldest friend, Tim, and ran Bloomsday in Spokane,
I didn't do this. Maybe next year.
didn’t do this, but maybe next year,
I met with my book club.
met with my book club,
I hiked to Lake Ingalls. Thank you, Jason Horstman, for the photograph.
hiked to Lake Ingalls (Thank you, Jason Horstman, for the photograph),
I achieved balance.
achieved balance,
I became a Great Aunt.
became a Great Aunt,
went up,
...and I came down.
…and came down.














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