Busy Water

I have been busy lately because, after years of being urged to keep my day job, I now actually have one.  I possess little time or interest for housework anymore, though on the upside, I never did, so no one has noticed a difference.  It’s the time to write that I miss.  I told my younger daughter that I didn’t have anything prepared for my blog and she said,  “Oh you have to write about lemon-lime soda pop and make sure you tell them they can use a slice of lemon and/or lime in the glass.”  She actually said “and/or.”

Okay, I never claimed to be a chef, or even a foodie.  I, like you, am an Eater and, on occasion, a drinker (trying to keep that letter “d” uncapitalized). I have been known to sooth my troubled mind with a nice frosty glass of homemade soda pop.  The recipe my daughter was referring to is from the delightful, pictorial children’s cookbook, Pretend Soup.  This sparkly concoction is simple, fun, refreshing and – bonus –  results in a sticky countertop and gives a bored mom like me something to kill time. Thank Heavens for a task to fill the lonely, idle hours.

I have been a lover of fizzy water (or as my older daughter referred to it in her toddlerhood, “busy water”) since I was a kid.  I introduced my children to it early so they could grow accustomed to beverages that were fizzy but not sweet.  Neither of them has very much of a pop craving, though they both beg to drink from my beer, so I am not positive I have done right by them there.

MK with sun hair

And so before we surrender – gracefully, completely – to autumn, this drink is a final effervescent sip of summer.  The last sweet, sparkly drop of sunshine that doesn’t ask anything in return but to be savored.  Fall sun, with its peculiar, distinctive light, is its own brand of beautiful but it asks.  It asks that we rake a leaf, fret over the pumpkin patch, brainstorm for Halloween costumes (empowering, not tarty, non-exploitive, ungory, not overly girly costumes…Marie Curie?  Elizabeth Cady Stanton? An Olympic volleyball player?  No!  They wear no clothes!  Oh, Oh, I know!  Mother Theresa!  Every girl wants to be Mother Theresa right?).  It asks that we go to PTA meetings and soccer matches and orientations.  It’s a demanding sunlight but summer sun says, “Sit outside, cut up some watermelon and pass it off as dinner, sip some homemade soda.”  Okay, just one more time.

Lemon-Lime Soda Pop (as told to me by my daughter):

Take glass.  Pour in sparkling water.  Add two tablespoons of frozen apple juice concentrate.  Squeeze in half a lime and/or a lemon.  Stir.  Add ice.  Drink.”






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