Can’t Write, Busy Eating



I made this for a soiree at my sister’s and I feel strongly that you too should make it and let me know how it goes.  Here’s the recipe in Bon Appetit.  It’s so easy and pretty! I used cherries instead of pomegranates, since I couldn’t bring myself to buy poms so wildly out of season.  But if you live somewhere where they are in season then make this now!  And if you are currently living within shouting distance of a pomegranate tree and ripe strawberries, you have my sincerest envy.  Where are these two pulchritudinous fruits in season at one time?  Fantasy Island?

This is a version of the British dessert (I should say “pudding”) called Eton Mess.  It’s a rumpled up pavlova, really – a variation on meringue, whipped cream and fruit. Imagine dropping the pavlova on the floor before guests arrive and having to quickly, deftly return in to the plate and pretty up the top.  I am convinced that’s the origin of the dessert, and also a great reason not to have pets in the house.  I bought the meringues, which made it easy but also perhaps a bit too sweet.  I opted for raspberry sorbet because I think raspberries make better sorbet than any other berry.  It called for sumac as a decorative touch but I pulverized some freeze-dried strawberries to get my own pink fairy dust – a trick I learned from Food Network Magazine. Stuff them in a plastic bag and roll your rolling pin or wine bottle over them a few times.  The touch of rose water in this is so floral, so evocative of summers gone by, loves unrequited and…wait, why are you still reading?  Go make this!

In the kitchen, as in life: enjoy the mess!




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