Frost my World



It’s Easter!  I love Easter!  I can’t put together an Easter basket for my children to save my life but I revel in the flower buds, the promising weather, the evidence of new life.  There were so many joys to celebrate over the last week.  My BFF was here from San Francisco and we discovered the charms of the 522 North Pinkney Cocktail, watched two episodes of Call the Midwife, and spent time on Bainbridge Island, wandering in the lushly mossy Grand Forest, and in Esther’s Fabrics.  I had poutine – something I swore I would never eat! –  made with yam fries and mango salsa at the Harbor Public House and as you might suspect, it was what used to be referred to as “fattening.”

IMG_2389[1]I also had a little girl party to throw for my youngest and thanks to good weather and the help of Jesse, my older daughter and her friend, the party was a snap.  Oh, and also thanks to cupcakes.  Where would we be without them?  I shudder to think where I would be.  My chocolate cake recipe came through for me as always and the frosting – oh my stars – you have to try this.  It’s a Food Network Magazine recipe for cake filling, from which I subtracted almost an entire cup of confectioner’s sugar.  I have employed this creamy weapon in the past, between the layers of the famous/infamous Tower of Choconilla Power.

Allie Bosch

I always choose dark chocolate, considering milk chocolate to be for people who don’t really like chocolate.  I always thought if you want milk chocolate then why not white chocolate, or invisible chocolate?  But oh, oh, this milk chocolate frosting is like holding hands with your first love AND getting to see Star Wars again for the first time AND like that year you got nine books, a green corduroy jumper AND Love’s Rain perfume for Christmas. Yes Eaters, it’s that good.  And I don’t consider myself a frosting fan; we eat most of our cakes in the nude around here.  And we don’t frost them, either.  But this is eat-it-straight-from-the-dish-and-complain-later frosting.  And it’s go-back-to-the-dish-despite-your -moaning/impending-bloat frosting.  I rest my case.

There may very well be a bunch of boiled eggs in your fridge right now and despite their festive hues, looking at them can be tiresome after a few days.  What a perfect time to gaze upon frosted cakelets!  It can change your outlook, or my name isn’t














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