Still Nutty

Yikes! I am knee-deep in Read-a-Thon tasks and job applications, I’ve promised to take my daughters ice skating, (despite being a latter-day Lucille Ball on ice – or land – Sochi inspires me) and I am about to leave for a ladies’ weekend.  I am not complaining, just explaining why I have but a little minute to spare this week for my beloved blog and for you, Eaters. You happy, happy few.


I did have some time to bake these for my get-a-way.  What’s a girls’ weekend without homemade granola bars? (Though the answer may be similar to the one I got when I said to my husband, “What’s a Super Bowl party without Japanese-inspired cabbage salad?” I think it’s a party I am not invited to.)

For my version, I omitted the sunflower seeds, subbed sesame seeds for the amaranth, chose cashews for the nuts, and added unsweetened coconut. It’s held together by a paste made from boiling dates with maple syrup until it forms a seductive, toffee-like amalgam. But as you can see from the photo below, mine turned out crumbly (but yummy!). The Bon Appetit test kitchen either has better ovens, better knives or…surely not better cooks?


Well, their cooks aren’t running around, harried, and trying to fit in time to blog and ice skate. But if you are, then fuel up on oat bars and construct your own PVC ice skating aid (the name sounds so helpful, so non-judging) for your child, so she doesn’t make one of your arms longer with her tugging. I keep this device in the back of my momvan and it has been a great enhancer of happiness. I rank it with wicking fabrics, dishwashers and antidepressants on my list of “inventions that transformed the (read: my) world.”

No kids? No problem! Slap together a tall version for yourself. I have to tell you that PVC glue is unpleasant to work with but, like date paste, crucial to the end product. You don’t want your ice walker or your oat bar disassembling at the rink.



2 thoughts on “Still Nutty

  1. Oh oh, did I tell you there was such a word, or are you just assuming because we have all kinds of words you don’t? I would just call it multitasking since one is usually not just eating and reading but also taking care of this or that chore and a child or two at the same time. I miss you too, love reading your posts, Elke

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