Birthdays, half and whole

A couple weeks ago,on what I thought was an ordinary Thursday, my little daughter announced that it was her half birthday.  Oh my!  It had slipped my addled mind.  After school we made some Midgie-Pies because if you have a namesake dessert, you should have it on your birthday.  Or your half-birthday.  Or whenever you can get it, I say.IMG_0497

I thought back to her actual birthday and the hilarious, luridly blue cake I made for her.  She paid me the ultimate compliment, telling me it looked so amazing and her day was so special she felt like she had gotten to have a cake “from a store.”  Then she paused and said, “I mean a GOOD cake from a store.”  Ah yes, thank you darling, I didn’t think you meant that Costco swill. Here it is in all it’s unnaturally-hued glory.

Cake 2

SIL's Fish Cake
SIL’s Fish Cake

The idea came from my fancytastic SIL’s fish cake.

My older daughter decorated it for me because I was so frazzled by the thought of a bunch of little girls descending on my house that I lost function.  It was moist and yummy and made from two gluten-free chocolate cake mixes to suit two of the guests (I wouldn’t attempt a gluten-free chocolate cake from scratch).  I added coffee (decaf!) to it, as well as vanilla and some dark cocoa (because cake mixes are not chocolatey enough).  It was a happy cake for a happy day.

And another birthday is upon us: my blog is one year old today!  It has been such a fun year, how to celebrate it properly?  Why with a table groaning under the weight of yet another cake, of course.  I promise to make one when I get back from San Francisco and it’s going to be epic.  My plan was for an orange cake with lime frosting (I know it’s fall but I don’t want spice cake yet) but my oldest wants a lime cake with orange frosting.

Until then, celebrate your birthdays and anniversaries, half and whole, with a whole heart!




2 thoughts on “Birthdays, half and whole

  1. Um, why exactly aren’t you making a cake while you’re IN San Francisco? You don’t get in all that late this evening.

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