P.S. Fig Love Gets Figger

figs2I could not resist this addendum to my previous post.  After making Jamie Oliver’s Fig Salad with black (purple) figs and green basil I reversed it with green figs and purple basil.  I whipped it up for my mom as a thank you for working in my yard.  I didn’t have any prosciutto but luckily, my mother finds prosciutto creepy, so she didn’t miss it.

Even she has fallen under the salad’s woozy spell.  She called me later and spoke the magic words, “After I ate the salad, I drank the dressing.”  Ah yes, she better be careful.  Once you drink that dressing you will be shopping online for velvet robes and long cigarette holders.  I already have both, so it’s safe for me to drink.


Enjoy the last and, I hope, the best of summer.



5 thoughts on “P.S. Fig Love Gets Figger

  1. This is my absolute favorite dish you make every time I see you in August. Somehow you whip it up so easily and the end result is pure pleasure.

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