As Usual, My Problem is Other People

This morning, a Tuesday, I was flipping blueberry pancakes WITH MY FINGERS because I kept mislaying the spatula.  Before I could pause to do my special breathing exercises for chronically disappointed people and chant something (“Grateful, Calm, Not Tense…Grateful, Calm, Only Minimally Tense “)  I started saying (not out loud, at least) “Other people don’t flip pancakes with their hands – why? Other people have garages that smell of pine and lemongrass – why?” Once again I had to face the fact that I am not Other People and that these are All the Wrong Questions.

And though I am posting this belatedly, it was a Tuesday and we were having pancakes on a Tuesday which is not in keeping with my breakfast schedule (Tuesday is Toast; see my post, December 6, 2012).  I was tugged along by my misguided desire to make my children happy, you see. So many of my sad, sad stories begin with just this destructive impulse.

But later in the day I went jogging. I know, you were thinking I should do that right?  And as was bound to happen, I came around to feeling fortunate to have pancakes and asbestos fingers with which to flip them. With all that quasi-crisis averted, I recalled what I forgot to show you on Easter!


It’s a lemon-wafer ice box cake and as is evident, it lists heavily to one side.  My daughter did most of the stacking because I wanted her to learn how to make her first cake. This requires no oven so when you are stranded, out camping or mucking about post-apocalyptically and what-not, and all you have to work with is a couple boxes of wafer cookies and a can or two of Ready Whip (that’s one of the seven essentials isn’t it?) you can bash together a cake anywhere, anytime, to appease the zombies. We whipped the cream ourselves but you know, if you are camping and toting a carton of cream and a whisk it might cause people to ask, “Who do you think you are?” and think you are courting a nervous breakdown, which of course you are, if you are camping.

Just a word: if you try this, it is best to dollop the whipped cream on and then press it down gently with the cookies, rather than attempting to spread the cream layers out to the edge – as my daughter learned.  But that’s only if you want your cake to look better than this one.

It  was tasty – if a bit sweet –  and the slices made pretty layers though I do prefer the chocolate version.  If you want to see a symmetrical one, visit one of my idols:  This woman never, ever has to ask the questions I ask.  But then, who knows what dark secrets lurk in her psychic pantry.

Happy Stacking,



3 thoughts on “As Usual, My Problem is Other People

  1. Other people don’t flip pancakes with their fingers because they’re feeding their children coco puffs for breakfast, not because they can keep track of the spatula.

      1. 1 cup coco puffs. 1 cup whole milk (cow). Combine in bowl, being careful not to over mix. Serve immediately.

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