Jump, Jive, Wail

Oh happy day! My babysitters are home from college for the week. Tonight I have enlisted the fabulous duo, my boy and girl team. I asked one of their mom’s what they will want for dinner, and she said they are both ravenous for vegetables. Well, sometimes people don’t really know what they want, do they? They might say they want radishes and arugula but I was already planning to make chocolate cake! This is a new recipe, fellow eaters, and rare it is that I stray from my stand-by chocolate cake (see post from March 8th).  But tonight is all about trying new things.


I have recently happened upon the outrageously talented Katie Quinn Davies, author and photographer of What Katie Ate; recipes and other bits and bobs (that’s the charming Australian title but the publishers didn’t think Americans could cope with the word “bobs,” – oh horrors! –  and replaced it with “pieces”). This chocolate cake is her “Easy Chocolate Cake,” and it was indeed pretty simple. It contains ladyfingers, almond meal and mascarpone, three ingredients I have never seen combined to bad effect.  The beaters were tasty, as you can see:


Oh, and I made my sitters a salad as well. Give them what they (say they) want and they will give me what I want. And what I want is to go swing-dancing with the man I have been saying I would do this with for FOURTEEN years.  Unbeknownst to me, the decrepit F.O.E. building on Plum and 4th Avenue isn’t condemned but harbors a ballroom which is (lindy) hopping with folks every Tuesday night.

Some advice you probably don’t need: don’t wait so long to try something new; I keep forgetting that I don’t have forever.

I just tasted the cake.  I hope the swing dancing is this good.



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