What’s My Name Again?!?


Looks Luscious no?  Well it wasn’t.  I whipped up a cake for my house guests and remembered to add a cup of coffee (essential to chocolate cake) and a teaspoon of vanilla (also indispensable) but I forgot….THE BUTTER.  This cake was an entire stick of creaminess shy of moistness.  Everyone said it was tasty but once I discovered the oversight they said, en masse, “OH!  No wonder.”  Indeed.  This poorly executed baked good became a metaphor for the entire, chaotic weekend with its many oversights and misadventures.  I set the tone for the whole fiasco with this cake.  I may change my name.

It looked decent enough, if a bit flat and mournful about the edge, but it was dry as a (very dry) bone.  I had to resort to eating slice after penitential slice, with melted butter.  Retroactive moistening is a doomed venture – one I have  taken part in countless times in my food-driven life.  Each time I pray to St. Marisol (the patron saint of kitchen patch-ups/emergency moistening) and each time she shakes her head in pity and disapproval.  It make me wish I hadn’t invested so very much of my identity in the output of my kitchen, but there you have it.  Since what’s left of the cake mocks me from its stand, and it’s frozen pizza for dinner tonight (with a thin, multi-grain crust and some added artichoke hearts it’s good enough) I am turning my thoughts to breakfast, a meal that seldom let’s me down.  A meal that I seldom let down.  As I may have mentioned, it is the reason I rise each morning at least semi-suffused with hope.

This is my latest favorite toast.


It’s whole grain bread with almond or peanut butter, coconut flakes and raisins or dates – it’s hearty but also desserty, and there is not a chance I will forget the butter.


I went on a smoothie kick recently and this was a favorite of my household (though not of my husband who disdains smoothies for a well-kept secret reason of his own).  This consisted of a frozen banana, a couple tablespoons – or maybe just one (it’s up to you) of dark cocoa, a handful of dates, a little almond butter and some milk of cow, coconut or almond.  Perhaps a dash of vanilla would not go amiss.

Rise (like a phoenix from the ashes of my butterless cake!) and shine, fellow eaters!  Or, at least rise.  Well, sit up, anyway and get someone to serve you.


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