Greetings Eaters !!

I know she looks a bit young to be blogging but school just wasn’t challenging her.

Alright, that’s my daughter and I placed her cheerful face on my inaugural post because she’s my favorite eater;  plus, she’s cuter than me. Today I am christening this blog and it’s my place to share recipes – mine, my friends’ and my family’s.

Two big kisses – and some cake if they are lucky – go out to Brook and Jessie Baird who insisted I start a blog. Inspired by this fuzzy photo of a watermelon frozen yogurt float (it was so refreshing on that warm August day…) they urged me to create a spot where they could ogle yummy food pictures and I could write down what I like to eat. I sometimes attempt to hoard a treasured recipe but in my middle years I am beginning to agree with Molly Wizenberg: there should be no such thing as a secret recipe. However, she is wrong about there being too many recipes for banana cakes…but there will be time enough to tackle that in my next post.

Much deliciousness awaits!       



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